My cousin the SEO told me that

One of the worst challenges in the SEO learning curve is learning that 90% of the advice you get will either be vague, repeated or bad.

With so few dependable sources to learn SEO the “book-learning crowd” who want to take a course and add it too their resume lack a real source of information to learn from. If you don’t learn 50% by trial and error than you havn’t leanred anything new, original or beyond what was already known. The “repeater” is the scourge of the SEO world. I don’t ban them from speaking, just ask anyone new to the game or willing to learn to do so on their own or get you information from a handful that truly know. I suggest Aaron Wall, Yoast, Shoemoney or Nicky Cakes for starters. All four of these guys seem to not be looking to impress anyone, and that is why they do.

A question from the Linkedin SEO Group, to use as a sample. This questions got about 12 answers ranging from buy PPC ads to “you need unique content”. Anyone that feels this is enough information to offer advice on is dangerous in calling it “advice”

How long does it take to rank a keyword in the first page of google?
I have been doing SEO for a year, but i think i still have many questions unsolved. I have to say i am now stucked. A few of my keywords have been in the top 3 pages in google, but they have never been in the first page, once they had been such close. It took me about 1 year to rank them in the top 3, the monthy search for one of the keyword is about 840,000. Do you think it is competitive? And how long will it take to rank in the 1st page? And what else should i do to rapid the process?


This entirely depends on the keywords. Without seeing the site you are working with and the keyword niche you have in mind and what you consider a keyword nobody on here should be able to give your a consturctive answer. Do you keywords overlap with other nouns or phrases, do you include a city name that has multiple locations with the same name diluting your ability to be regional without competing outside you area etc.

While there is some good advice here, you wont get a constructive answer with any value until you give specifics. “tulsa limo rental” at 300k would not crossover into any other fields, but it would have alot of local directory and TP type serps cloging the path to the top, Where “ron paul coffee mug” also has 300K but has large stores, news stories and national competition that local IP wont help you beat in searches.

Both 300K both very different secerios, not enough informaiton in your post. What you havn’t thought of yet is somethng unique to your website and niche perhaps, any broad sweeping generality is likely not enough to be helpful at all.

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