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I was told analogies are a talent I have, and while forming one I decided that it was too good not to be used for much more.

I have trained about 4 writers or staff members in writing for our clients since beginning here at my agency at the start of 2012. Every time I see their early work when they join the team and show them their writing side by side with my version of the same thing. The goal is that it read almost the same but it is very savvy in the way it pairs words together in common searchable order.

I can be as simple as

We are a local marketing company that has been providing SEO to small businesses in Charlotte for 10 years. We provide WordPress websites that are effective for selling, simple to use and look great. A great looking website is a great way to represent your business to new prospective customers.

Changed to

We are a local Charlotte based SEO and web design company that has brought the advantages of internet marketing to small businesses for over 10 years. We provide responsive website designs, WordPress websites that sell effectively and sharp modern web designs for small business owners.

The first example is fine, but includes phrasings that are not our ideal customer. The second example is just three lines but has 6 phrases that are likely searches by our ideal customer.

Now writing for SEO can get cumbersome if taken too far. SEO writing can often sound canned or forced. I always tell my copywriters to find the happy medium but make sure you think about your phrasing so as to use the best variations exactly as it will be searched. It is important to do include the phrases you targeted in the planning phrase while at the same time having prose that flows and is subtle.

Now it is important to note that blog writing and weekly update writing can often not afford to be as canned as this. Writing for content pages and writing for blog pages is somewhat different. Blogs with no personality will not convert even when ranking and will not ever bring in the coveted return visitor.

So when I am teaching a client of staff member to write for blogs and SEO on client sites we are to approach the project like a Mad Libs. For the pop-culture deficient, A Mad Libs is a classic book/game where you fill in the missing words blindly and it makes for funny reading after the fact.

You should already have a keyword list filled with long tail variations  of searches since your initial research. This will have phrases like

  • Mobile website companies in charlotte
  • Websites that work on Ipad
  • Building a website for small business
  • Best marketing companies in charlotte
  • Responsive website designers
  • website design agencies
  • website design for small businesses
  • etc.

Now the point here is that you may have (I would) 500 phrases like this in my master keywords list. Since we have already set the goal to blog every 2 days for the next year, why not blog with proper planning and intent. I can write like the first example above and end with 180 blog posts on a variety of subjects, or I can write the exact same 180 posts and have a website that now covers every single search my planning exposed as valuable.

So today you have chosen to write about “responsive website designs”. I go to my list and find 3-4 variations and put them into the Mad Libs blanks right now. I then write whatever I feel is appealing and informative to my readers being sure that “when” I use the keyword it is the exact phrasing that is most often used or matches a common query format.

Even at a very tasteful and subtle 3-4 phrases per blog post you can end the year with 500+ phrases from your research now represented on your domain.

Want to take it one further? How’s this for a cool next step?

Get your long tail keyword list from Excel, and as you use the phrases that are in it you can put the URL of that post next to the usage of it.

Now, download the SEO Smart Links plug-in and fill in the phrases and partial pieces of the phrases into that plug-in. What it does is inline links those words and links them to the appropriate post in your blog.

I just blogged and included the following phrases in my blog post with intent:

  • Responsive website designers in Charlotte
  • Advantages of having a responsive website
  • will my website work on Ipad
  • Is my website responsive

In SEO smart links I add the following:

responsive website designer, a responsive website, work on Ipad, responsive design, responsive website design,

From now on any usage of these variations will link to this post. I have checked these phrases off my master list and at the same time established this page as the authority on my domain for similar searches and topics.

1 year from now I have specific pages to cover every phrasing from my research stage.


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