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Keyword Domains and Bing

Well as with the launch of any new online domain or branding effort, our noses are deep in the search results every minute of every day.
We do not always use the Google analytics tools and similar tools, as much as we look at each search result by hand. Not only should a good SEO watch their own site, they should be watching the entire result field for movement and seeing what is working and who is competing.

We have been watching MIAMI SEO, amongst about 5 other search results every hour of everyday. We don’t really need this term, but it’s a good benchmark to keep an eye on to see the behavior of the search engines.

I recall a long time back Yahoo and MSN had a love for the simple things. It was clear that Google was far more sophisticated in its site evaluation and what would and wouldn’t work for ranking a website.

In the last week of watching search results by hand, still signs of this with Bing’s (MSN) apparent love for domains with the keyword in it. Exact match domains dominate the search results of Bing, as Google seems to weight the domain name much less.

Page #1: 3 results
Page 1 through 5: 14 results containing the words “Miami” and “SEO”
28% of the top 50 pages have an exact match in the domain.

Page #1: ZERO results
Page 1 through 5: 1 result containing the words “Miami” and “SEO”
2% of the top 50 pages have an exact match in the domain.

You can make the obvious assumptions on people who buy up combinations of the exact match like etc., that these are not real companies and are often sites built just to rank and direct people to another page or website.

This assumption above suggests that still Google seems to correctly favor seasoned websites that represent real companies and off page elements. MSN or Bing still today seems to look for the simpler and easily manipulated on page items like the exact match domain name.

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