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Do SEO for how long?

A recent question was posed about how long should a person put towards SEO for their website, and how long after reaching #1 should they continue with their seo? Like most questions about SEO, it all depends on your site and market.

How long should I do SEO for my site and how long after I’m #1 should I expect to keep doing SEO for my site.

TODD: Depends. I have a client I did work for in 04-06, he is currently ranked #1 or page 1 for tons of big terms, competitive terms in an industry with alot of skilled seo. His market is related to “sales advice” and “how to sell”.

I left him ranked at number one and he is still there today because of the SEO the internet provides him for free.

Once he was put on the right path, good on page design, pages dedicated to each of his keywords, blog on subdomain, good social presence (by 06 standards), the rest he did on his own with his attractiveness to his industry.

If you are an authority in your market and have the kind of site that draws attention of others and peers, like good posts articles and advice they will link to and reference…then the SEO takes care of itself.

There is nothing you can do is better than what the internet can do on it’s own if you give the internet a reason to talk about you.

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of Sellaholics is a veteran of Analytics, PPC, Display, video, UX, conversion optimization, affiliate programs, web design and web programming since 2002. My background includes affiliate sales to 6 figures, director of a web design agency, and currently the digital manager for a leading energy company located in Huntersville, NC. From search to sale 1000 different ways is my background. Sellaholics is a Google Partner Agency.

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