Homers Are Winners In Google Update

Continued from here. in Post about May 2013 Google Update

To validate any guessing game it is best to make checks on your own and formulate a conclusion based on the patterns you see with your own eyes. The conclusion that seemed to me was a drastic emphasis on location setting and local businesses.

Thus the “Homer Update”.

I first noticed this with one of my clients This is a brand new website only 2-3 months old in a field where nobody ranks. We build the site with the best on page SEO and planning. We target every page for a phrase that we covet and we write and link to support that preset strategy.

All that said, after 60 days a new site has no business being the #10 ranking site on Google for “Application Development” , which is 573 Million results.

This client had been forewarned that they existed in a keyword market (different from competition) that will always be flooded out with hard to pass websites. Many of the keywords this client desires trigger pages from Linkedin, Manta,, and Careerbuilder. This is one of those searches were you need to be happy with top 10 because of all the cross-over with other major industries.
Well aside from the fast rising, almost every one of these major domains have fallen multiple pages. Our client shares the first page with Oracle, Amazon and about 7 other domains that have never even cracked the top 20 in the past.
This client also made the leap from #22+ to top 2 positions for 7 other terms we covet.

This company is Charlotte based, and Charlotte is clearly indicated throughout the body and writing we use in SEO.


So what happens when I move my location setting to Huntersville, NC (10 miles north)?
Not in the top 100 positions.


Now let’s look at one of my other daily checks. “Auto Insurance Company”
Zip Code 28203 in my search setting has at #7

Zip Code 28078 (Huntersville +/- 10 miles away) Charlotte insurance not list in the top 100 results.

Charlotte Insurance is a competitors of one of my clients and a very well SEO’ d and established website.
Let’s Look At “Charlotte News”
First page results are all Charlotte newspapers and tv stations. But sneaking in there is a blog from Charlotte, vermont at #8. On an interesting note if you goto page 3 and 4 you see about 14 listings for this domain ”” in a row. I always wonder when Google seems to have run out of ideas for who to rank with the algorythem being applied. But the fact that this one local source is landing 20 pages before a single LA Times, NYTimes,, Huffpo or similar poswerful domain makes me wonder and conclude the same as before about local value skyrocketing.

Now when I change to Zip Code 14612 (Rochester, NY) I get the identical results for “Charlotte News”, which is to be expected since Charlotte in the search dictates my local variables in the calculation and trumps the search settings.

While I am still researching this. So far it is the “Homer Update”.

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