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I was recalling recently a little trick we used to use back in the adsense days. We did nothing to break the adsense rules, as that isn’t a smart idea. But what we did do was commandeer the ships of other websites with a little 1px trickery of our own.

With google we were able to find alot of guestbooks with outdated technology and more relevent, a lot of forums and discussion boards that allow flash avatars and posting in the signature. Alot of the older sites that allow this still are also aged domains which can often mean a nice pagerank or general Google trust as backlinks go.

If you can find boards of these types with relevence to your website thats an added bonus.

Essentially write good copy in any post or guestbook you are able to locate and embed, link to or include (in whatever fashion you can get the board to accept) a tiny 1px X 1px flash file that is black with an action to open your website in the parent page.

This pixel will be completely invisible to the site owner and anyone else that finds the page, but when they open the page < 1 sec later the page reopends in a META REFRESH sort of way to your site instead.

We used this in a battle for mortgage and real estate hits in Charlotte, NC. Within a week the other SEO posers were copying my little trick all over a handful of forums, each making the redirect .1 sec, battling for the ship.

We found it doesnt affect the page in it’s own search ranking/inclusion, but from now own that page is essentially a page on YOUR site and not theirs.
ARRRRGH! Take the wheel.

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