Google May 2013 the Homer update?

Was May 5th the “Homer” update?

I watch dozens of the same SERPS day after day for years. One part of this obsession is that I am all about routine, the second is that everything you learn from needs benchmarks.
If you don’t know every domain in the top 30-40 results you also won’t be good at recognizing changes. So watching the absolute garbage in the “Charlotte SEO” SERP and the disappearance of many of the regulars I began to look at some of my other regular checks.

Clearly there was a major shift or even complete Google Update this past week. When I checked what Mozcast had to say about the general state of affairs and SERP turbulence I saw that Sunday May 5th was “89 degrees and rainy” which is the highest I have ever seen. From all serps I have seen this is not a panda update, penguin or simple pagerank update of days past. Mozcast doesn’t tell me much about what happens on Google, but it tells m that “I am not crazy for thinking something is happening on Google”. And the more I look the more it is obvious there is talk of an obvious may 2013 google update  happening as I write this.

So, what I already knew began to be confirmed.

Next we look at the clients I serve for my agency, as I have their normal competition and SERPS memorized as well. Huge shifts were apparent right away for almost every client.
The one sure pattern is that big name sites that rank on even the bottom level pages like Manta.com, Linkedin.com Monster.com and Indeed.com had all moved way back in the search results.

Now lets not conclude anything till we look at all that we can see.

  • It is clear this is not just a reevaluation of links for website

The shift I see show far too many rags to riches rises of obscure website and far too many vanishing websites that were page one staples. This is clearly not a slight change like PR, Articles or site wide links being valued differently. This kind of change mixes up what is already there in most cases and is moves like 3 to 11 or 17 to 8.

  • It’s not something only happening to exact of partial match domains.

People obsess over any change in valuating of matching domain names.

EMD and PMD.
Why is that?

  • Because it’s the oldest and still best trick in the book. (Hello Bing!)
  • Because entire companies base their business model around it working (Hello there Yodle!)
  • Because Mozcast shows no major change in the match factors EMD (though PMD‘s dropped hard, but not enough to explain all the changes.)
  • Because my trained eye sees no change surrounding this factor, if anything I would say I see less, but it’s negligible.
  • Because even a doubling in value of domain name in rank would not explain the rise and fall of sites, just the reordering of what is there.
  • This Google Update is not a penalty for any strategy

This is apparent, because the risers from rags to riches are not simply leap frogging people getting slapped down. These risers are small website competing (from my location setting*) with the big boys and winning.

So we see it is not just a simple penguin or panda walking in the room with the red button.

So what is it?

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