Google 2013 = MSN Search 2005

So using Charlotte SEO as a daily gauge of SERP movement in high competition niches, we find more of the “great” new SERPS from all the penguins and pandas in May 2013.

In Charlotte, the top 3 stayed consistent which is expected since they are long established for one reason or another. Next we find a “Mooresville” web design company, a linkedin page which likely has ZERO direct links to it and 3 Partial Match domains in the top 10. None of these ranked anywhere in the top 20 before May 2013′s update that Google is so proud of.

See the image of the one Partial match domain. It features bad writing (perhaps spun), 2 total blog posts on a default template, started in June 2013, a stock photo and of course a .org exact/partial match domain selling services of a “genius”.

Someone tell me that long running joke about “content is king”. I have long known that is the most cliché BS that second rate SEO’s spout, but the latest and greatest has yet again taken us 6 years back.

Google looks an awful lot like MSN search (2005 ish)

  • Buy EMP
  • Link to Wikipedia article
  • Link to Google
  • Use stock photo
  • Keyword page title and h1 title
  • Rank page #1.
  • Awesome stuff big G. Junk on page one is “so retro”.



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