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Every share is 400 more friends that see the page on Facebook. Also, keep in mind, every LIKE is like being marketed to by a person on your friends list whom you trust and place more value in their opinion than a blind ad presents.

We also are working on a  promotion. We suggested free downloads, and a free eBook every month for one new member of the clients Facebook group or fan page. This will go a long way as they have a following and this end up taking them (or us) just 1 minute a month to email someone through Facebook and say “you won”.

If we can give away something that is digital and free and in return get a higher rate of “fans and likes”, we have successfully increase the clients “mailing list” for nothing more than 30 seconds a month.

We have also used JQuery to create a floating bar at the top of every page. We make this unobtrusive as it only appears once a visitor that is reading the page scrolls down too far for the tradition buttons.

Many people would have used the much faster and easier premade service for a “social bar” but I find it slows the page down and can be a bit intrusive as it takes up screen space.

Every time a person reading the page scrolls down to a section with no share button they get a “call to action” bar at the top reminding them to get the newsletter or join of fan page for free. This bar is plain HTML and CSS so it doesn’t slow the loading down and it also gets treated as keywords and page content.

The twitter information is always live on ever page as well. You can easily grab twitter updated with the code they provide you with, but a better way is to retrieve the lates Tweet as plain text and html. This way anytime the client Tweets they get fresh content.

We have wrapped the Twitter section with the authors bio and the image for the author’s avatar gets it’s ALT tags from the Tweet itself. This way any keywords in a tweet are not just new content in plain text on the website homepage, but positioned next to an image that gets a new file name and new ALT tags with ever new tweet. This creates the idea that that picture is of something different everyday and it relates to the content of the tweet.

I never claim to know what works, and I tend to overcomplicate things in an effort to find creative approaches to making content seem more unique ad original even when it is the same content someone else is displaying on their competing site.

This leaves out what we are doing with the blog feeds on each page. We gather the latest posts from RSS, an old school way but a very flexible one in style and using post information in tags and body elements on a page.

We grab the thumbs of each post, the snippets and we go one further with looking for common phrases, categories and tags the most recent posts share with each other. We then uses these to theme the latest post section so that any 3-4 posts we display seem more themed to each other and not just random unrelated articles even if they in reality are.

I know I tend to be all over the place with my thought process, but the short version of my approach to SEO when I have a site with tons of content to work with…is to make it as automated as possible with social media sources, RSS and MYSQL. Then take what you have automated and what content you have to work with and find a way to make it display on a page with the 100% appearance of being hand written.

Not to deceive, but always to have the question in mind “If this was all written by hand every day, what would change and what would it look like to google”…then make the automated version create that.

Ill post tomorrow on how we tackle the localization and targeting of city names the client wants to target.
The question there will be the same, with the added “how can one business appear to be local in 40 different cities”.

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