All SEO is black? #2

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Black hat by another name, is called white hat.
Alt tag stuffing is called user friendly design for the handicapped.
Footer mission statement is footer stuffing.
Dropdown or jump menus are link stuffing?
Renting link space is selling links or monetizing your website?

How about this comment left on a recent post?

“To be honest, all this SEO stuff give me a throbbing headache. But it’s refreshing to see an SEO nerd who understands that content must be plentiful and also readable. Cheers”
He then left a link to His business is relevant to my readers, his comment is a quickie but natural and hand written I would wager. Who gets to decide?

(since I gave him this live link, guess he’s ok with me)

If it is white hat by one name and black by another, it will not get you banned to Google hell.

The scary google ban stories are what a mediocre SEO tells you to explain his soft approach to ranking your website.

Yes, you should not go too far with SEO, but now what is too far? What is white and what is black?

Yes, you should not put 20 keywords on your homepage BEFORE your html tag.

I said before their HTML tags, so it shows up as a text document. A bunch of black text on the top of their site. A Miami SEO company did this, and its still online at –superlinkjuice–com, I assume its an error but it’s pretty funny too.

If a SEO tells you you will get banned or in trouble for that….., etc etc, assume they are likely scaring you into their way or they are overstating the fact.

When it comes to “ON PAGE SEO” a lot of “black hat” has a white hat cousin that looks almost the same to google.

Isn’t SEO paying someone to do things that you would never do on your own for the sole purpose of ranking artificially high in Google?

Isn’t that by definition gaming the system? Everything an SEO does?

If a politician picks a red tie because market research shows people respond well to that color, that isn’t black hat, thats giving an audience what it wants. When the audience is google, give it whatever it wants….but don’t pretend you are doing all that for your users.

Pushing the envelope could be a form of market research, NETFLIX raised their rates until the day that they went too far, then they backed off and learned a lesson.

All SEO’s, even you self proclaimed “white hat ones”, push the envelope and deliver content that has nothing to do with end users.

The ones that don’t try new things are mediocre at best, and the ones that do, ….….people on page 14 cry “foul”!

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