A Slice of SEO For Plastic Surgeons

A plastic surgeon who is working on promoting his website need to know that your primary customers will begin by looking at pictures. I had stumbled across a potential client’s site that utilized a WordPress portfolio section. A plastic surgery site will mean photos, but how much priority have you put in the traffic they can bring?

Remember that inbound marketing means anticipating a customer’s actions and making sure your business is lying in the street no matter where they walk. Thinking like a customer and anticipating their move is how you answer their question before they ask. Inbound marketing converts because you make the answer seem like their idea.

In this case making better use of your images keeps you from leaving easy money on the table.
Use of keywords the other forget is another way to fast track improvements in business. Would you have guess “plastic surgery” gets 8 times as many searches as “plastic surgeon”? Or that “Cosmetic Surgery” gets more searches than “plastic surgeon” as well. A short trip to Google Trends can open your eyes to what potential clients search for, sometimes you would be surprised.

Keep in mind the fine nuisances behind each of these searches. Watching your Analytics and goal conversions or time on site goals will help you decide later which of these searches convert in the end.
I am guess that Plastic Surgery gets 800% more searches than “plastic surgeon”, but in the end they may convert the same number of total leads as someone looking to buy chooses “plastic surgeon” and someone looking at pictures chooses “plastic surgery”.

It all comes back to know your market, your customers and their intent with every word they type. Now build your site in a way that shows you anticipated all these things.

If you can see these things clearly as I do with my eyes, then you are on your way to fixing your ranking and conversion issues. When your sales are worth 5 figures each the value of a little bit of pre-planning will be the difference between success or failure in your cosmetic surgery practice. I am sure a surgeon reading this knows that nobody needs more wrinkles stressing over a lack of new clients.

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