20 Great Nofollow SEO tips for WordPress

Here is a fast and easy 20 tips for when to use NOFOLLOW on your wordpress blog to avoid duplicate content and achieve the best rankings for your blog. Help you blog feature what is important and ignore what is repetitive.

1.Noindex nofollow the comment RSS feeds
2.Noindex nofollow the search result pages
3.Noindex nofollow the login and register pages
4.Noindex nofollow all admin pages
5.Noindex nofollow the sub pages of homepage
6.noindex nofollow author archives
7.Noindex nofollow date based archives (weekly/monthly/yearly archives)
8.Noindex nofollow tag archives. (I would recommend to keep categories index, follow and not to put same category description as meta tags for all category sub pages, let Google choose it by it’s own )
9.Add noodp, noydir tags to prevent using Dmoz & Yahoo directory description for the site.
10.Internal nofollow settings (Though Google is not very much bothered about internal nofollow now, if you keep free flow of page juice within own links, there is no harm; but still my preference is as below:) – a) Nofollow category listing on pages b) nofollow category listings on single posts c) nofollow outbound links on front page d) Nofollow the links to your tag pages e) Nofollow login and registration links f) Nofollow comments links
11.Nofollow ‘Home’ link
12.Nofollow feed link
13.In your robots.txt Disallow: /*/trackback/$, Disallow: /*/*/trackback/$, Disallow: /*/*/*/trackback/$
14.Don’t break comments to many other pages ( in your wordpress discussions settings uncheck the box “Break comments….)
15.Put canonical link relevance on site
16.In Google XML sitemap include only static pages and single posts
17.Don’t use identical meta or title tags in posts or category subpages
18.Use post excerpts in category pages & other archive pages
19.Redirect 301 for non www version of your website to www version of website or vice versa (you can do it from cPanel or manual editing your .htaccess file)
20. Move you tags to the homepage only if you choose to use them. Nofollow them or your categories pages, pick from one or the other since they will have alot of overlap.

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