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1AM SEO on the brain

Wake up this morning and ran errands till 2pm.
SEO on the brain from morning till night. SEO is such a tease too because there is no final word or ultimate fact book to soak up. By rule SEO must be a slight guessing game or everyone would be gaming the system with a simple play by play mathmatical appraoch available to the public.

1-2pm driving around thinking about the new DIGI plugins and stand alone SEO software I need to iron out. The Digi Auto Links is worth every cent, what a great piece of software. Building backlinks to other blogs and news sites automatically. The Digi line of SEO products are not new, but somehow I never got my hands on them before. They eem to hae a goal in every piece they make of “click once your done”. The make every step automatic and hans off or they don’t bother.

If I wanted a learning curve on my SEO software, I would “learn” to make my own version with a macro program or similar.

2pm get home in front of this computer as always. Start using Digi Article blasted to send posts of sites to article sites. Spinning them first of course, don’t want to send idel content to article sites with higher PR, longer domain age and better rank. Since I just wrote them this week, what’s to keep Google from assuming the one on my site isn’t the copy and they have the original.

3pm fight with an old WordPress 2.9 newspaper style website I own. Trying to get the new version Digi software to work and it’s acting up. I upgrade the blog to new 3.3, but maybe it’s too late. Thinking the errors caused by fields the digi software likely adds to the WP database, and the stupid old site was at its storage limit, so bet it couldn’t do any writing to the database. Now I have the errors and aside from spending more time on it, Ill put that off for more pressing issues.

4pm posting on my many social profiles, adding videos to popular video sites (not to be named). The videos have watermarkes of the sites I own. They wont make for much traffic, but they don’t raise any flags and will be there a long time on line working for me.

Most my social stuff is automated, as yours should be as well. If you own a wordpress blog, then SEO 101 is that it should send your posts to twitter automatic with WP to Twitter plugin, and from their it should get sent to Facebook with Twitters built in function to do so.

THis is a minimum you should have. You can also go from WordPress to Tumblr, and that can post to both Facebook and Twitter for you.
This is the basic way to get your blog social and eveyrone should do at least this much.

When doing this it’s a good idea to use the same avatar on all of those sites o get some branding and keep readers with you as they feel it’s all part of the same brand.

These videos I put up dont get many clicks, though it’s hard to tell since watermarked videos result in direct type in visitors, which can’t be tracked to the video itself. I am judging by the total view count and assuming a low percentage take the time from that number.

Remember a site only needs to make about $2 a month to pay for lf once it’s built. A $4 a month site is doubling your money forever.
Not much, till you own 100 domains doing this.

Still not much money in the grand scheme, but it’s free money that just gets mailed to you. Make this your goal in affiliate marketing.

Robert Kiyosaki, the man who changed my thinking about work years ago, said that a man making $1,000,000 a day and spending $1,000,000 a day isnt rich, cause he has to work everyday to break even in his mansion.

The guy making $1 more than spends without lifting a finger is. He has all his time and his money to himself.

Leading to what a friend of mine told me years ago about being a contract worker or professional in general. You need to decide how much your time is worth and never stray from that. Use that to make decisions about how you use yor own time.

Pizza delivery costs $4, for you to go yourself is 30 minutes drive. Only go get that pizza if you feel you are worth less than $8 an hour cause that is what you are exchanging time for money.

Now if it gives you pleasure to take a drive as well, then factor that in and go get your own darn pizza.
So today I got my own pizza, because this is Miami and it’s fun to get out.

Part 2 of this late night thought session tomorrow.

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