Google Update Still Hitting Close To Home

My reporting for a client this morning confirms the Google update in my eyes. The update seems to be drawing a lot more from the location of the search than in the past. I do SEO for Alaglas Fiberglass pool company. The results had spiked early in the campaign and then leveled off and were moving up slowly as they got to the first page in Google.

Terms like “Charlotte fiberglass pools” remain somewhat unchanged and in the top 3 results. The one item that did make an abnormal move was the simple term “fiberglass pools”, which moved from 12th to 5th.

I have been monitoring these SERPS for close to a year and change was always steady. There have always been an occasional outlier, but in this case the one search term with no regional terms in the search seems to be the one that reacted. This confirms the earlier thinking as the IP/Location I search from (28203) seems to have added almost as much weight as having put the word “Charlotte, NC” directly in my search.

Meanwhile all other search terms that include “Charlotte” or “Charleston” in the actual search term remained somewhat steady (+/- 1 or 2).

Again, the May 2013 Google update is the “homer” update in my eyes.

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