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10 Things in My SEO

A little 10 things I did on this site you should do or check with your site. I was going to make it 20 things I did, but gotta keep a few in my pocket to keep the people seeing me pass them in the search results from prying to hard at my work.
And what could be more honest than to talk about what we have been doing the last few days on our homepage. Not pretending, not fake rainmaker SEO’s, real experienced search optimization experts.

1. CSS dropdown menu. No script menus or flash menus here. CSS dropdown that points to recent posts from the blog section. It also goes to the archive pages for each category. Notice we don’t use the word archive nor do I have a login for wordpress on here anywhere. I am looking to use the blog platform without looking like a blog. Let google think I type this by hand everyday, and lets not use the giveaway words in our main pages (archive).

SEO on this site tips for you

seo tips

2. Jquery slider, sliding real jpeg images. Now I get 3 images right at the top of my HTML, not a flash or single changing gif. That means 3 times the ALT tags to describe my pictures with keywords. Keywords that dont have to look stuffed into text but still exist, and right at the top.

3. Slider Description, is real text. Don’t ever press your text into a JPEG, find a way to float real text over the image. And whenever possible make the DIV tag that contains that text right at the top and float it down to where you want it to appear. Lets get those keywords to the top.

4. Latest posts to the front, with an image that I make sure to put the best file names and alt tags to. My images are keyword named and have action words in them to make them google images friendly. And why does that matter much? Because I use a watermarking plugin on every image as well so when I succeed (and i will) in getting some traffic from Google images, the watermark makes sure they see me. Also the image shows up on facebook if they share the page, so its a big watermark.

5. Big strong greeting line right in the middle. One that has CSS styling to match the link color to the text color or style of the page. I can now anchor link those key terms to the inside pages I am using to target each phrase. Yes, We have 5 terms in mind and page for each, receiving the anchored links for each. And our links don’t look spammy cause we match them to the text with css.

6. Affiliate Marketing Expert, that page is a sticky as it is one of our 5 terms. (see #5), The term affiliate and marketing appear 5.4% and 3.8% in the homepage density. You will find us ranking for it before long. I will notpoint every link to the homepage, I will split them amongst the homepage and the page intended to capture that term down the road. Its a blog/article, why would people link to my homepage naturally? So why would I.

7. Miami SEO, theres another of the 5 terms. You will also find it in the title, the h1, the h2, inside a paragraph being used in context in a normal sentence in the top 1/3 of the page, the middle 1.3 and the bottom 1/3. You will also find it in a few other places, but evenly spread with 5.4% density and used in context and not stuffed artificially.

8. Bio pages, each allow the writers to pick a term or expertise they wanmt to rank for. We link right to them and all offline linking we do with other sites will link each persons desired term to their bio page. If someone searches for writing good copy, I dont need them finding me, I want it to be Julie’s bio that lands first for our domain. We match each avatar alt tag to that term, and we also in the menu at the top will link each persons name and skill keyword to their bio with that term.

9. The filler at the bottom every person puts on their site as the golden bullet. Yep, we do it too. But we are using this space to do alternate phrasings for each of our terms up above. This is too low to be stuffing words. We also link each alternate phrasing to the page of the 5 it is intended or synonymous with.

10. The links at the bottom, both in the right side and in the copyright mini text. Everyone has them, most seo’s stuff them full of keywords and cross their fingers. Well we use them for something more. On here and on other sites we are and will be linking to pages that have links to us on them. Sound boring? Not when the links are PR5+ on edus and such. We are not linking back and forth, we are linking from 3rd sites on 3rd servers to the pages that hold links back to us here. Alot of times your link is on a profile page or buried, and the purpose for linking to it is to make sure it gets crawled and discovered as a quality link to the 3rd site in the equation.

wordpress loop for seo

wordpress loop for seo

11. HIDDEN – this is the use of the wordpress loop. Make sure code and elements that are not needed for the homepage and not loaded on the homepage. On inside pages our sliders clode, scripts and styles are not needed so use a if_single php wordpress tag to load a seperate smaller verion of those files. Also use is_home and is_archive etc to skip parts of a page you dont need to load for those as well.

12. A little extra keyword and descriptive text, sometime it gets covered with on page elements because of the z-index. Oops, design error, not hidden text.

I feel like I missed alot, and I did. I hope the 95% posing as experts learned an item or two here, and I hope the 5% that are experts had a good laugh cause they can relate. Yours truly, Todd…The most Handsome SEO.

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