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This comes from some research I did this past week. I was reading geekonsteroids blog about affiliate marketing a website for selling silicone wristbands, like the livestrong wristbands. Janeth, the savy SEO, had built a nice affiliate site of her own and prompted me to want to do the same.

So now I am trying to pick a search engine rankable domain name. I am not looking for brandability or catchy, just for something that can be click on in the google search results.

When you are pickking a domain for your business or personal website, you pick something like sellaholics.com. You pick a catchy name that is memorable and makes reference to your market. You pick a domain that doesnt have double”s”‘s, does not have the word “four/for/4″ in it and is easy to hear once and type in.

Bad domains would include stylesstore.com (double s), forbettersale.com (four/for/4) and of course never touch a .net domain, sionce those are just free sales for the guy who got the .com before you.

But this is about picking a domain for a purely affiliate site. The goal here is to rank well and get clicked on in the search results. The only thing that people will ever see or remember is the TITLE tag as it shows in the google results. Word of mouth, memorability and brandability become very unimportant.

So now we go after exact match keyword domains.

Use you favorite keyword research tool, I used adwords google search results and keyword tool. This returns similar search terms and the total number of monthly search, as well as the competition level for each keyword.

The goal here is to find the highest global (or local) searches and compare it to the competition for that term. We now have a ratio of sorts showing us the best term to use in customers per vendor ration.

If given the choice of a
siliconebandbracelets Available! 12/19/2011 8:31:21 PM 0.49 5400

Which has 5400 global searches per month, but a very soft competition and very few exact match competitors.


siliconebands registered 12/19/2011 8:31:22 PM 1 40500

With 8 times the searches per month, but also 8 times the competition, and alot of crossover competition from other industries because the term is so vague. In this case you may be better served to choose the obsucre name and target the more obscure keyword.

Better to be on page 1 for 5400 searches per month, and those searches be very specific and promising of higher conversion,….than to be on page 6 for 40k searches per month and those 40k searches being non specific shoppers.

Also, you should take the time to look at these results and concede how many sites you will not be able to ever displace. If you are using a phrase that crosses over into other search terms you may find celebrity names, big brands or big driectory sites like YP.com, about.com and wikipedia taking up page one of google. Too many of these kinds of sites sittin on your search term means you should look for another longer tailed keyword phrase to target. (3 or 4 word phrases)

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