Strategy for near me local search

“Near me” mobile search strategy

Good article on the Google insights blog regarding the changing context and modifiers people are using to search with mobile devices. Mobile devices have taken on new uses in our lives and have become the source of information in many more situations than just 4 years ago. The use or location modified searches like “near me”, “by me” or “nearby” have increased 34 times in just 4 years.

Every day someone innovates ways to make the mobile device the most convenient tool for yet another daily task. If life has thousands of quick decisions every week, then there are marketers trying to go down this list and build a way to make the mobile device the preferred solution for each one. What was once just directions and restaurant reviews became in store research and last minute planning tools as well.

While the scope of these uses grows the concept of intercepting potential customers is not that new. Any internet marketing looking for ways ot be where there customers are have been employee the methods needed for this change. The planning has always been: Who is the customer, what does he do and where, what is he thinking to make him need my widget, how does he ask for it and how can I be in that place at that time with that answer.

Lastly, how do I delivery it with mobile UX so easy and convenient that they can accomplish the task with one hand busy and 2 taps of their thumb. This last step is how to make them loyal down the road.

Some key point on strategy for near me searches from the story.

  • How can you be there when people are looking for your business location? Or when they want to know the best places to connect with your brand?
  • Are you incorporating user context into your ad messaging? For example, are you using location extensions or local inventory ads to show users relevant information about stores nearby?
  • Are you delivering useful local information such as directions, inventory, and pricing when people land on your site or app? Even more importantly, does your site’s design make it easy for consumers to find this information quickly?
  • Are you measuring the impact of digital online and off? Specifically, do you have a way to estimate or track how much store traffic results from digital interactions?

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