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Choosing a name for your online project

So you have a project or idea but you can’t put your finger on a name with branding quality to stand the test of time. If you are like me choosing a name for a website, online business venture of project is a major decision. Often the idea you have won’t ring as true months down the road and you are stuck with it. Branding is about creating name recognition and symbol recognition for your brand. Branding creates trust, establishes you as an authority in a niche and helps people to click “buy” with the trust you create. People like to be paired with “the best” and a large part of that is the most visible.

All this points back to picking the name right the first time, picking a name you will be enthusiastic about putting out there month after month and year after year.

This is not the post to discuss domain buying, errors people make and how often what you thought was a good name was actually mediocre at best.

One way to drum up new ideas for names and brands are to look at the names that Darwinism gave you.

The world is always looking for  compounds with healing properties, chemicals that are unique and useful. The fact is, chemists can make millions of unique compounds in the lab. The issue is that the ones they make have not evolved and passed the test of time. What I mean by this is that is best to choose from a pool of names that others have given consideration to and choose the best of those that others have already tested with their friends.

Just like you say to those around you “what about this name”, every name in the past had someone do the same to make it as far as they did.

Where to get a good start at this?

So with this in mind, go to and choose their auctions page. You will be selecting from their pool of “closeout” domains. These are domains that have expired and they can auction off during the last week of their registration.

If you are looking for a daycare name, type “learning”, “grow”, “kids, “teach” and other words that will likely be in your final choice.

You are now looking at history’s list of thousands of other people’s ideas that they have vetted for you.

I have always been fascinated by domain names in this way. Every domain began with someone having a “can’t lose” idea, that of course did lose.

The list you are looking at proves it is not the name that caused them all to fail, as many of the ideas you will get are very good names. You are sure to see a few adjectives and ideas you had not thought of, this is your new creative branding department for ideas.

What else makes this smart?

Many of these domains will have established histories, back links that may be topical already, and you can often get an inherent advantage in any online marketing as compared to starting cold.

NOTE: Be sure to check for copyright issues (rare), check and make sure you have access to the matching twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook URL’s and names as well.

Want another way to find the right name? Check out this post on finding great exact match domains.

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