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So I was reading a post on the Geeks On Steroids website.

This is run by a user I used to interact with a lot. A smart lady with a great site and super strong branding skills. While I am a fan of their work, I am not affiliated otherwise.

She wrote a blog post about how she protects the top 50 spots in Google for her brands name. She uses the power of the anonymous internet to be many people. All the people she is, all love Geeksonsteroids of course.

This is very similar to the strategy we use when affiliate marketing products, building sites and earning affiliate commissions online.
This is also a key aspect of SEO we offer to Miami area slients who need to take charge of “who they are” in the eyes of the internet.

I had once heard a story about people getting paid to stand in bus terminals, subways and shopping malls and talk about how great a movie that just came out with. The concept is that people overhearing this will value what they heard even more because they don’t suspect they are being sold to.
Every customer, in every market hears the pitch or commercial and their mind evaluates the product, salesperson and of course how reliable the information must be based on if it’s a pitch or not.

Nobody trusts the slick car salesman, but if it’s just two young hip girls or guys talking at the mall, well they can be trusted cause they aren’t trying to sell me anything.
Or are they?

Janeth from Geeksonsteroids says:

I’ve already gone through the top 50 results and made a list of the number of sites I currently control that rank for Geeks on Steroids.

I will now start building back links to those sites using Geeks on Steroids as the anchor text for the back links. Of course I will mix in a variety of different anchor text like click here, Geeks On Steroids and so on and so on. At the same time this is happening I will start creating profiles on sites like Tumbler, WordPress, Squiddo, Blogger, YouTube, HubPages, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Each account will of course use the name Geeks on Steroids as its profile name and Geeks on Steroids logo as its profile photo.
The neat thing about people, is that we all have personas. I can even make personas of the person I wish I was, when I was around a particular person.

By doing this I can create 10 different blogs that are all run by me. I’ll have total control of all the personas and blogs that those personas post on. We will create profile pages for each persona on Tumbler, WordPress, Squiddo, Blogger, YouTube, HubPages, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. All these will link back to one profile page for each website that says something about Geeks on Steroids and explains about the website and who it was designed for.

Just 50 strangers on the internet, interacting perhaps. How could 5 pages of Google results all with different people all with great things to say be wrong?
This type of reputation defense and defensive SEO is essential to any professional who lives off his or her reputation. You can do much more than protect yourself online like services such as “reputation defender” advertise. By purposely building pages, spaces and social accounts for your brand or personal name you are laying claim to the real estate online that will shape your reputation.

Spend 20- minutes every week to visit a social site and build your name and brand. Use outlets like article sites to write about your business. Get clients to provide testimonials to include on their online pages.

And use the casual word of mouth approach of building personas and 3rd party sounding references to your accomplishments to create a more convincing salesperson.

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