Miami Smart Club Analytics

Miami Has World’s First Smart Club

May 30, 2014: Miami, Fl – The club that collects data on music, bar tabs, orders and foot traffic flow effect on total customer engagement time to maximize the spend and time spent in their establishment.

With 4,000 SQ feet of dance floor and infrared cameras that count the number of bodies on the dance floor every 5 seconds Analytics is an approach in every business model could learn from.

The song being played during every head count is data based and scored based on the average amount and the abandon rate throughout each song. Much like the Quartile of viewing and average time of viewing for YouTube videos, every song by genre, tempo and title is tracked for average people on the floor, length of time  on the floor and movement around the club.

On the same 3 second intervals bar tabs being charged and drinks being order gives the times when the most and most expensive or profitable drinks were ordered.

This gives the emotional reaction to songs, the influence of songs that drive people to leave the dance floor and the best pattern of on dance-floor and off dance floor music.

One example pattern that develops may be 2 high rated songs, followed by a lower one to drive people to refresh off the dance floor and maximize trips to the bar.

With 5 bar locations around the dance floor the model is test with different variations of which bars are open to get the best locations.

The customer position and traffic flow through the club also tests traffic patterns that create more interaction by avoiding dead areas in the club that lower patron interest and the effect on how long patrons stay in the club as a paying drink customer.

Waitresses are also marked and followed through the club to focus on areas where interest of patrons might wane.

The outcome is actionable information on what open bar areas, what music to use and in which patterns, which foot traffic flow leads to the longest total time in the club per patron and the effect of actively engaging clientele in different locations around the club.

The desire to create and learn from your data in any business makes the advantage yours. Every business has information waiting to be logged, studied and benefited from.

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