Enhanced Ecommerce Setup

Google Enhanced Ecommerce is Here

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce is now in beta. This new addition brings tons of great usability fixing tools and metrics. Focusing on things your users did en route to the sale or the bounce, and which people did what is designed to help you deal with the causes of very specific problems. When your Ecommerce is a purely numbers game, you should always be in the process of identifying usability issues to move the line upward. These same new information views will allow you to find other beneficial opportunities like cross selling and performance of certain categories.

“Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce is built to help you understand your customers and optimize your sales conversions.”

The best part? They are partnering with some of the biggest platforms to make it out of the box usable for most Ecommerce sites.

As part of today’s announcements, we’re also excited to highlight partnerships with Shopify, PrestaShop, Blue Acorn for Magento, and mShopper.

Enhanced Ecommerce provides insight into the customer’s path to purchase, like when customers added items to cart, started the checkout process, and completed a purchase. Importantly, Enhanced Ecommerce gives you the ability to identify segments of customers who are falling out of the shopping funnel. You can then focus on these high intent-to-purchase customers with remarketing or by optimizing your checkout flow.

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