Choosing the best domain name for seo

Hunting down exact match domains

Looking for the perfect domain?

I tend to use Mozzle Pro for my domain searches wich is just a simple way to put together all keyword combinations from a big list and come up with available domain lists.

Couple this above approach with the google keyword tool for an effective SEO trick.

1. Search your keyword of choice in the google keyword tool.

2. Take your list of suggestions and choose the ones you want then choose to display with the dropdown “display as text”

3. Cut paste this list of keyword phrases for your market in Notepad

4. Find and replace all blank spaces, this pushing all the words together.

5. Goto the site here and covert your now smushed together keyword list into all lower case.


7. Now you can paste it into Mozzle or any other online domain checking tool that will accept a text format list.

8. You now have your choice of exact match domains to create doorway or entry pages with.

PS: Those two tools and easy idea not enough to fill a complete post? Also check out the fantastic domain search website does it get any simpler that this domain search? Hope this helps you choosing a domain for SEO or just choosing the best domain for your website.

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