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15 Things that hurt eCommerce conversion rates

Found some old documents on my PC about things to consider when looking at your conversion rates for e-commerce stores.

When looking at all the things that lose you conversions by failing to address conversion optimization on your website here is some things to have in mind when looking at your website and trying to find places to improve.

Shaving percentage points in the sales process is not a game of small numbers. Conversion optimization of your eCommerce site is vital and adds up very quickly. Even a 1-2% increase in each step will compound into large 10-20% increases in total revenue. You then go back to the beginning and start the process again. Too often a marketer looks at how to get “more people” when the true goldmine is in how to make the ones you already have buy more and more often.

Control the things you already control before working to bring more uncontrolled traffic into the scenario. Every three months revisit this list to find opportunity.

1. Target inappropriate audience
2. Unclear marketing message
3. Slow page load
4. Unengaging look and feel
5. Clumsy site navigation
6. Ineffective presentation
7. Lack of trust factors (testimonials, SSL & Seals)
8. Inadequate selection
9. No access to real time help
10. Uncompetitive price
11. Ineffective tools to assist selection
12. Lack of cross-selling & related products
13. Long delivery times
14. Excessive shipping costs
15. Processing and form error

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