Disavow links not popular with seo

Disavow Links Not Popular With SEO’s

This week has been filled with heavy hitters in SEO and digital marketing speaking their minds. The pace at which we get crumbs of information from Google Matt Cutts about what is not permitted has gone up and past a tipping point it seems.

Operating in secrecy is understandably an important part of the search game. A transparent search algorithm wouldn’t last very long since web savvy (dirty) players would be mass producing and automating the website ranking process within days. The flip side has been secrecy, but that is beginning to where thin as every change seems to bring us nowhere other than to toss the rankings from last month. Just a month ago those rankings were the best thing since sliced bread, and today they need to be totally redone.

The problem here touched upon by Aaron Wall is that while you do things to stop people mass producing and scaling spam, you destroy business. All long lasting business models rely on being automated and scalable.

SEO’s Not Loving It

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(This is not Sugarrae, Know Your Memes people) A good starting point would be Sugar Rae’s blog where she give a great read, and then ends in simplifying it for those who need articles with bullet points.

1.Google’s primary concern is not “the web” or “you” – it’s Google

2.Penguin is not always fair – Google knows it but… see #1

3.Panda is not always fair – Google knows it but… see #1

4.Google talks the talk, but does not walk the walk and there’s nothing we can do about it

5.“Creating good content” guarantees you JACK SHIT when it comes to ranking

6.SEO is as alive now as it was a decade ago

7.SEO has evolved to become the result of an actual marketing strategy versus marketing tactics

8.Your pony is dead

No Anchor text in this link to the article.

An equally entertaining article by the talented Aaron Wall comes to a similar conclusion. In short, he points out the need to destroy SEO in order to move more people into the paying side of search. Google hands us information at a steady pace through Matt Cutts but then revamps the rules they just gave us last week on a whim. Theses whims cost people their livelihood.

As Google dials up their weighting on domain authority many smaller sites which competed on legacy relevancy metrics like anchor text slide down the result set. When they fall down the result set, many of those site owners think they were penalized (even if their slide was primarily driven by a re-weighting of factors rather than an actual penalty). Since there is such rampant fear mongering on links, they start there. Nearly every widely used form of link building has been promoted by Google engineers as being spam.

Now any readers know I seldom ever cut/paste or quote other blogs, but these are not small time SEO’s complaining because their local children’s party clown business dropped to page two, these are some of the biggest names who have seen 10 years of this same destructive cycle.

Also, their points are just what you would find in any of my older posts about we are all gray hat in Google’s eyes. Just the action of making a website with a drop-down menu or adding an inline link in your copy is acting for robots. You can’t tell us content is king then hire a robot to throw half the kings in jail for doing what you allowed just a month before.

Google wishes us all to praise them for their amazing algorithm, but we need our own algorithm for success and stability on the web as well.

It’s like we train for 10 years to get into the NFL and are about to start as QB in the Superbowl and the NFL decides that players can now only throw with their left hand. Change just for the sake of throwing everyone off the scent and getting rid of people enjoying anything for free is not very nice.

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