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Why Exact Match Domains Do Rank

…And how to fix yours if it isn’t.

Do you own an exact match domain? Ever wonder why they work? Or why it makes sense that they do work?

I have always been in the camp that using exact match domains as such a strong ranking factor makes no sense.

Why would Google search engine be out there “splitting the atom” in search technology with a formula for evaluating content that would make Albert Einstein dizzy put so much weight in such a non relevant piece of information?

If I go out and buy charlottewebdesignandseocompany.biz does that somehow qualify my content to contain relevant content?

It would seem that such a shady approach would be counter to that very assertion. Exact match domains suggest desperation or trying to exploit an obvious weakness in search ranking that we all know exists.

What possible reasoning could Google’s brilliant minds have in their heads when this topic comes up and gets ignored year after year? Well, I have that later in the post, there is reasoning behind this madness.

If Matt Cutts took a look at search terms like “fire restoration charlotte” they would find one company with 40 exact match domains and duplicated content ranking for all 40 of them.

If the Google minds searched “Miami AC Repair” and began to dig deeper you would find an entire blog network of exact match domains dominating Miami, Ft Lauderdale and West Palm Beach’s AC market.

I know, they offered me a job.

Digging as deep as I do you will find they are all using the same contractor number and all are the same company owning around 110 exact match domains.

Here is a tip to Google on these guys and their exact match domain empire, they hide the contractors ID number in a JPG on every site and use separate Google Voice numbers so you don’t pick up the footprint.

So why does exact match make sense? How can anyone validate this blatant loophole to the top of the “relevancy scores”.

Read on, there is an answer to this and a simple step that will make your exact match go from nowhere to page one.

Why my exact match domain isnt ranking, and how to fix it.

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