Tracking A Cell Phone with Google Location History

Looking for ways to track a cell phone? How to track by the GPS on a phone?

If the user has Gmail on their phone or anything that uses a Gmail account like YouTube (which 99% of phones use), then you an most likely see exactly where the phone was and the exact time it was there.

If you can login to the Gmail account then you can select the location history and see a map of exactly where the device was located and at what time. While this is not exact tracking by a phones GPS signal it is pretty extensive record of where a phone has been throughout each day going back many months. Here is a screen shot of the last 30 days in my boring routine.

You can also set it to specific days and see the location of a person based on their smartphone GPS signal for specific days and times of the day.

Be sure to click delete history in yours now because yes this is pretty f*^%&% creepy.

If you are logged in to your Gmail or YouTube account right now then you location history is running. Go to this link to see yours right now, get freaked out and delete it if you so choose.



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