The Best Guide To Google SERPS

So google shows search engine result pages, or SERPS as the buzz word droppers would say. I put my site on the internet and there is a link when someone searches for me or terms that relate to the perceived topic of my website.

But wait on this search for restaurants I found a pack of local listings (really called the pack) or a horizontal list of images and local places to eat at the top (Local Carousel). Next time I have maps, then I saw reviews, then I saw procust I can click and buy directly.

Seems like something new and complicated every time designed to make our lives simple.

With that in mind, someone did make our lives simple.

Thanks Dr. Pete at the Moz for this Great all in one handy road map to the Google search results. Complete with everything you may ever see when searching for something. Everything that is making it harder to see the website link you want.

Check out Dr. Pete’s Amazing World Of Tacos which shows us how to spot everything Google throws at us below.
Then go to Mozcast features (http://mozcast.com/features) and take a look at the occurrence trends for each of these items and maybe get an idea of what you can leverage better.
As of the time of this posting Google’s displaying of related images had gone from  29-31% of queries.

Time to get a index-able keyword laden image gallery with watermarks of your business name on online?

  • Local Carousel
  • Local Knowledge Pane
  • Local “Pack” Results
  • Local “Near” Results
  • Google Map + Pins
  • AdWords Ads (Top)
  • Shopping Results (Left)
  • AdWords Ads (Bottom)
  • Shopping Results (Right)
  • AdWords Ads (Right)
  • List Carousel
  • Answer Box
  • Knowledge Graph (Info)
  • Knowledge Graph (Brand)
  • Disambiguation Box
  • Image Mega-block
  • Video Results
  • Image Results
  • News Results
  • In-depth Articles
  • Site-links (6-pack)
  • Authorship Mark-up
  • Review Mark-up
  • Social Results
  • Related Searches

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  • christy kunjumon

    The blog from Dr Pete i.e. Mega-SERP: A Visual Guide to Google is really very informative blog. The new way of displaying ad is really going to change the way it is served now. In an recent interview with Larry Kim, Founder of WordStream, he explains about the adverse affect of new way of displaying ads by Google.