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Google Shopping Certification Exam Guide

Next up in the toolbox of Google Partner Certification Exams is the new Google Shopping Ads Exam.

The Google Shopping advanced certification exam tests your knowledge of how to set up and run a Google Shopping campaign using both Merchant Center and AdWords. When you pass the exam, you’ll get a personalized, printable certificate and your certification will appear on your Google Partners public profile page — both of which you can use to highlight your expertise.

The main topics on the exam are:

  • Google Merchant Center account creation and management
  • Product data feed submission and optimization
  • Creating and managing Shopping campaigns in AdWords
  • How Product Listing Ads work
  • Shopping campaign bidding and optimization

While there is no study guide, practice questions or Google Shopping Certification Exam answers circulating the web for the Google Partners shopping certification as of yet, there are some common best practices that can be applied to the questions in most cases.

  • Maintain a high-quality feed, address errors and optimization suggestions in the Merchant Center Data Quality tab.
  • Run search query reports and set up negative keywords to prevent your products from showing on irrelevant and poor performing queries.
  • Use high quality images and promotional text to highlight unique offerings & key selling points
  • To get started, set your bids close to your existing keyword targeted Ad Groups. Then, adjust bids based on product performance
  • use the Auto targets tab, which is unique to the Product Listing Ads format, to review how the different groups of products you sell are doing.

How to pass the new Google shopping certification exam?

  • The exam is made up of 63 multiple choice questions.
  • You’ll have 90 minutes to complete the exam.
  • You need to get a score of 85% or higher to pass.
  • If you don’t pass the exam, you can take it again after 7 days.

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