Google Partner Spotlight?

Cool, Google sent me a free cake, a thank you note and featured me on the Google Partners North America Spotlight. The cake arrived a bit smushed, but the kids still liked it. I think this is poetic justice for all the doorway pages and spammy links I have built over the last 12+ years.

So in that case, well played on the smushed cake Google, you win this round.

Since I took the time to answer their questions about my background, I am going to benefit from the content here as well.

What’s your favorite aspect of your job?

Me of a few years back would have clearly said the competitive aspect, the numbers, and reverse engineering problems. But the last few years the fun of coming up with ways to emotionally or strategically approach a product with creative and smart UX is just addictive.

What’s the biggest business challenge you face and how do you think you will overcome it?

I love the creative, designing, measuring, but don’t care for pitching clients or chasing business. I think this is why I spent so much energy as my own client. I really prefer to be the “mad scientist” in the basement and not the front person. Clients I get are through a few other small agency people in the area who bring them to me.

Google Partners Spotlight

What’s one lesson or tip you want to share with your fellow members?

Use your talents for your own income. Robert Kiyosaki preached about trading your time for money being unsustainable, since your time is finite. Leads, traffic, rank, and campaigns with positive income have so much value. When you are not building value for a client, build it for yourself, and it will be yours to benefit from for years.

If you could choose anyone, who would you Hangout with?

If it’s in our industry, Aaron Wall I have always liked. He started in affiliate work and SEO about the same time as I did and speaks his mind. Alive or deceased? David Ogilvy could just talk at me for hours.

And last but not least. This is how the cake was put to bed.

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