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Google Partner Agency Benefits

If anyone looked at the bottom of this blog they would see the shiny new Google Partner Agency badge I am sporting. While I have always made a point of holding whatever certification our industry has offered as a point of principle, the agency partner is the newest and most important. To achieve the new partner badge and agency must have on staff one Adwords certified professional in either search or display advertising. We have both, having passed all three exams Google offers to prove competency. Sellaholics is currently the only Google Partner Agency based solely in Charlotte that is both Display and Search certified. As of this weekend (5/9/14) the only Charlotte Google Partner with the Google Video Advertising Certification to boot. The larger hurdle is maintaining a $10,000 spend over 60 days minimum and less than 90 days. An agency must also maintain campaign quality above the required minimum and face audits on campaign quality from Google.

The point is, check, check and check and badge me. (We have also maintained a Google Analytics IQ certification for the last 2 years since I don’t see knowing one without the other.)

Now the benefits of being a Google Partner?

The biggest would be listing in the Google Partners search feature on which enables potential clients to find you when seeking a professional to manage campaigns. Currently in there are only 8 other such Adwords Partner Agencies in Charlotte, NC, so this benefit of the partner program is a substantial one.

The obvious benefit would be the badge and affirmation of experience and understanding of the Google advertising platform for clients. If nothing else it is a nice piece of wallpaper since Google now made a printable version.

The best benefit would be SWAG. Google world cup gifts, jellybean androids, toys and promos to offer clients all keep it fun. I know this is a pittance based on the business we bring Google, but since we will utilize them either way, I appreciate a good jellybean from time to time to know they are paying attention. (see above for manifestation of my joy)

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of Sellaholics is a veteran of Analytics, PPC, Display, video, UX, conversion optimization, affiliate programs, web design and web programming since 2002. My background includes affiliate sales to 6 figures, director of a web design agency, and currently the digital manager for a leading energy company located in Huntersville, NC. From search to sale 1000 different ways is my background. Sellaholics is a Google Partner Agency.