Google Customer Match To Allow Email Import

Google announces customer match and if you know online marketing then you know this is a game changer. We have all heard “next big thing” talk about every little marketing product before, but this a huge tool and a huge step forward in targeting.

Funny thing is that Facebook has been doing it for years. In a recent post I cheered the power and possibilities of custom audiences. Custom audiences are by far the way that smart people spend their online ad dollars. Aim small and hit small with your ads and combine lists as targets and also negative targets to create the perfect target ad audience.

So now that Google and YouTube have you logging in with their “one login to rule them all”, they have effectively created a way to track and target people in the internet as a whole and not just on social media.

Customer match means you can take you offline email lists and import them as a custom audience just like Facebook and Twitter allow now. They will then match these emails to actual users on their computers at home and serve up ads in this ultra-targeted fashion. You can even create those “similar audiences” from the results of these lists.

Cross selling like this means video ads on YouTube as well as google ads on the search and display network. The potential for cross-selling and marketing to loyal customers to capitalize on your brand being recognizable to them is huge. With just a few clicks you can import email lists into google Adwords.

i3IfafUDoesn’t sound huge enough for you yet?

The power of the tool depends on those who wield it and the lists they create from it.

Got past customer data in your store? What did they buy? Are they due for a refill? What brand do they choose every time?

Creating as many segmented and separate lists as possible allows for some pretty targeted and granular ad campaigns. If it works like Facebook or twitter (which it will) you can even subtract one list from another so you target interested shoppers who never bought a certain product yet or even current customers who have an item that is due for the latest model.

If you can’t see the potential of reaching hand selected lists of people everywhere they go on the internet with a criteria you can create from scratch? Then I am sorry for your blind-spot.


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