Finally time for that GAIQ Thingy

Well, not going to take the time to make a complete post here. I am just happy to get this Analytics certification out of the way. Had been all ready to take it months ago as a matter of formality and never got to it. I had been in the middle of moving, a new home and some other things. I already work with Analytics n advanced capacities most every day of the week, it was just a matter f paying for the piece of paper to prove it. David Kyle had given the tip that they “don’t go easy on Regex”. I agree there was one or two more than I expected, but having worked with HTACCESS files for so long and some with Regex that wasn’t a major concern. If I had to point out one part of the test that difficult I would say it is the variables and cookies related to Analytics use. The test was harder than the Adwords exams but in the end anyone that uses it daily should have 75% of the knowledge in their head already. The only spots that are tricky are the parts of Analytics that you don’t use for your niche or type of website.
Like the other million people online I felt the need to put my Google Analytics Certified screenshot on my blog. And to type this keyword –> about being a Charlotte Google Analytics Expert.

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