Adwords reads your gmails? Yep

Ok, so I have been on discussing how I am being served ads from sites I visited and googled. Retargetting is what we are calling it and it’s part of the Adwords arsenal for sellers.

This is smart, and there is a port coming soon all about it.

But, my sharp eye noticed the G maybe going a bit too far?

I am in my gmail writing to Anthony from this site telling him to check out some Miami SEO Companies who are spammy and stuffing words in their headings and using scrapebox to spam links, etc.

When I look to the right of my page at the ads I’m being served from google I notice the topics of fitness, weight benches, personal training…then sales coaching, life coaching & mentoring.

These would be the last two email I had written hours earlier. I was discussing workout regimens with Anthony and sales coaching articles with Keith Rosen from

Now hours later here are ads that are being generated from a spider that reads the content of my emails.
While I am not a tin-foil hat type of guy, I am left to wonder how people feel about personal emails being used as content for google to cache or save and then use to generate ads.

These two email threads were not open at the time of this ad being served to me, so it was generated from history or from the inbox folder at a time I wasn;t even in it.

Anyone have some tin foil I can borrow?

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