Adwords Location Insertion Discontinued

Received the notice today that Google is putting an end to the location insertion feature.  Location insertion for Adwords is a feature you’re using in your account to dynamically insert your local business information into your ads based on the user’s geographic location You have between now and June 28, 2013 to remove any of the tags that are a part of this feature such as:

{ {lb.postalCode: {lb.telephone:


The statement by Google suggests that they are planning a better replacement and view this current system as limited and outdated in its approach.

“But in its current form, location insertion has seen very limited adoption. As a result, we’re discontinuing the feature to concentrate our resources on developing a more flexible and useful approach. “


Everyone with large campaigns should begin a find and replace to locate every usage of location insertion feature elements. In my opionion many of the ads will lose context and make little sense with just a find/replace and a better approach may be to pause them all and rewrite new versions when possible.

How to find replace location insertion tags:

If you’re using the AdWords web interface, you may want to create a filter or use the search box on the Ads tab to quickly locate ads using location insertion tags. Select one or more ads, and then use the “find and replace” bulk change feature to make changes (

If you use the AdWords Editor for managing your campaigns, select all of your ads and then click Edit > Replace text in selected items. You can then enter the tag and replacement text to make the desired changes (

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