We Found James Holmes Online

Sellaholics finds the Shooter online first.
With some heavy digging like only we can using the full range of Google’s search operators we have located the online forum posts of the Colorado Shooter.

LDMASTER and CLASSICJIMBO are the two handles that the Aurora shooter used on the internet. We have this exclusive story turning over posts back to 2008 by the Aurora Shooter discussing gas masks and bomb making online under this assumed name.

We have been able to confirm them as real with use of the wayback machine online which has these pages index and saved for record as early as 2008.

These are first run exclusive information, actually screenshots from the internet archive posted by Aurora Gunman James Holmes.

This is an actual October 2008 forum post by the Aurora Colorado Shooter James Holmes found online by Search Marketing Expert Todd Kron in Charlotte.

Confirmed by the Wayback Machine Internet Archives.

As shown in the internet archive back to 2009. Posts by James Holmes shooter about gas masks.

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