How To Put UBEE 3611 in Bridge Mode

UBEE DDW3611 Bridge Mode Solution, default passwords and more.

First, CTRL A / CTRL C copy this post to a notepad, since you will lose internet during this process.

So you got the fastest of the fast from Time Warner. You put up the 80$ for the ultimate package they offer and you got the UBEE DDW3611 Router mode in one that came with it.

First off, the service is nice and fast and everything is as advertised. No Complaints.

But now you have this $100 router you bought collecting dust. Mine was a Netgear N300 so more like $80 now wasted. Your hand picked router has a much better control panel and the ability to login and know how to pass through, allow ports for applications you use and is just all around simpler.

So some of the things you can find out in this post that I wasted time on are:

  • How to bridge a UBEE 3611 Time Warner modem.
  • Finding Bridge Mode for UBEE 3611 (below)
  • How to change IP address Time Warner UBEE Modem
  • How to change IP with Ultimate class Time Warner
  • The default user password and login for the UBEE DDE3611 Modem (user/user)
  • What controller password and controller username for Time Warner UBEE 3611 Router (last 8 of Mac / c0nf1gur3m3)
  • Default WIFI password for Time Warner UBEE 3611 modem (“DDW3611″ + (last 6 characters of MAC address)) All in caps.

So you need to bridge your UBEE 3611 to pass the internet through to the other router allowing you to use it instead. You are essentially rendering the router/modem in one into a modem only. There are a lot of reasons to want to do this, and you have yours. If you don’t know why one would do this I’m not telling.

At this point go to your UBEE3611 Modem and write down the mac address on the back. This is a 12 character string clearly labeled on the back and all hexadecimal (0-9 and A-F), you will need this throughout.

Well first you need to login to your UBEE:

by typing to access the login page.

The default login (assuming you didn’t change it) is user/user

Now that you are in, click on the wireless link across the top of the page. You will now see three links on the left hand panel of choices. This is the issue.

If you call into Time Warner they will think there should be six links there. The reps did not even know that the normal user login hides 3 of them from use.


So now go to your UBEE Router/Modem and press the small reset button on the back until all the light vanish (about 10 seconds). You just factory reset your modem. Don’t worry you will be able to get internet back.

You will probally not get your wireless internet back at this point since your WI-FI password just reset too. You will be able to “see” the available network, but not connect.


Click on the network name you use and choose delete. This clears the memorized password. Now connect to it with the WI-FI default password for the UBEE 3611.
What is the UBEE 3611 default wifi password?

DDW3611 + last 6 characters of your modems MAC address. Click caps lock, this is in all caps.

You should now be connected back through wifi in order to continue.

Once back, goto once again and login using the “controller login”

What is the Controller login for Time Warner Modem UBEE 3611?

The user name to use is the last 8 digits of you mac address on the back of your modem. It will be labeled MAC address and is 12 digits long. You just need the last 8 of that number.

This is the username, and it is in all CAPS in most cases. The password will be the following “c0nf1gur3m3″.

So you are now logging in with.:
LAST8OFMAC / c0nf1gur3m3

ubee3611 bridge modeYou will now be logged in to the same back end with the controller access and more options. When you click on wireless this time you will see these option in this image, if you want wireless bridging. What you actually want is under tools above. Click on Tools and then operation mode. You will see 4 radio buttons (checks) and choose the one labeled “Bridge mode ” and select enabled.

At this point you will lose internet. Go to your UBEE, Unplug it and plug it back in. This time with the LAN1 output connected to your new router you wish to use. The cable goes from LAN1 on the UBEE to the INTERNET in port on the other router. The UBEE is now simply passing the internet through to the new router. This will present a different MAC address to Time Warner and get you a new IP address as well (since that likely why you are doing this).


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