Blogmutt Spam, Not So Original

Blog mutt tauts itself a a blog writing service. They will write posts for you blog for the low price of 89$ per month. Their home page speaks of the all-orginal writing they provide. I dont doubt for a second that the articles can pass copyscape checks. I doubt fault the busines model and the need for writing. I have Hayley Lyons here in office doing our writing, a someday-journalist from Clemson University.

I never for a minute doubt the important of writing in SEO and website content that can convert.

Now that we have moved passed the usefulnes of the service, lets look at the marketing model of it. First you need to find people who understand that website = Good, but at the sametime doesn’t know quite enough to learn that can get you a pretty good writer for $5 per article (or two sometimes).

So maybe you worry about quality on Well on the Blogmutt’s FAQ they describe their own writers as “pretty good” in the question:

“Who are these writers in the BlogMutt pack? Don’t they get offended at being called dogs?”

“…Our writers are a lovable mix of knowledge workers who just happen to be pretty good at writing …”

So what do I care about someone with a somewhat decent business model?

Well let’s start with this email they sent to one of my clients today via the WordPress contact form 7.

 Full name: Scott Yates
Interested in: Your blog
Phone: 303-335-0714
Message: Your site looks great, but I noticed that you\’ve only had two blog posts since May 2, 2013. I\’m sure you are just too busy to write blog posts every week. I get it. Writing is hard! Luckily now you don\’t have to! Blogmutt can get you your choice of original blog posts every week for only $89/month. Click to find out what Inc. Magazine and the Wall St. Journal already know: \”We work like a dog to fill up your blog!\”


So they are going around and doing online research to try and find (unsuspecting) new customers? There is nothing wrong with that.

But, wait! What is that backslash before the ‘ and ” symbols?!

Why is a hand typed email have backslashes in it? If you dont know this suggests it was done by a script. See the ” and ‘ symbols are used in coding as a container, so the backslash means ignore this symbol. So they are using a bot to send this original writing to hundreds or Thousands of blog owners. (maybe millions?)

But maybe I am overreacting and this is some mix-up? Nope, go do a few searches on google with peices of that text in quotes to find exact matches and you will find this.

And you will find this.


Wait a minute, this is starting to look alot like scrapebox. So the bloggers that are customers that hand over access to their blog’s and employ you are the exact same bloggers who get 100 scrapebox generated comments spamming them on a daily basis. This seems like a not so nice way to say thanks for the business.

Oh my, here is 122 more results.


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