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  • youtube

    YouTube marketing tool

    I added the greatest YouTube video ever above (FUNTWO) to keep you company while you read the YouTube marketing tool article about Freemake Software.

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  • Worpress seo tag cloud

    Tag cloud good or bad?

    Well in a recent discussion about just this we debated the tag cloud feature and if its good or bad for your blog ranking pages and posts. We are not looking at home page clouds or even archive pages.

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  • Which keywords to choose

    When it comes to how to choose the right keywords there are alot of factors behind choosing your keywords, and this is just covering the one basic factor of “demand vs competition”.

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  • SEO on this page

    10 Things in My SEO

    A little 10 things I did on this site you should do or check with your site. I was going to make it 20 things I did, but gotta keep a few in my pocket to keep the people seeing me pass them in the search results from prying to hard at my work.

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  • Our Staff - About us

    Do SEO for how long?

    A recent question was posed about how long should a person put towards SEO for their website, and how long after reaching #1 should they continue with their seo? Like most questions about SEO, it all depends on your site and market.

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  • Worpress seo tag cloud

    Picking keywords and a domain

    This comes from some research I did this past week. I was reading geekonsteroids blog about affiliate marketing a website for selling silicone wristbands, like the livestrong wristbands.

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  • google-privacy

    Adwords reads your gmails? Yep

    Ok, so I have been on discussing how I am being served ads from sites I visited and googled. Retargetting is what we are calling it and it’s part of the Adwords arsenal for sellers.

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  • Most handsome SEO online

    Well, being good at SEO is one thing, and a person is always handsome in the eyes of their mother, but to be able to combine the two is the goal. And to rank it number one and let the world know is something extra special.

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  • Inbound marketing Charlotte. NC Professional

    Google wants to think like you

    Almost a decade ago the Google patent makes reference to a few ways that they identify spammy or generated pages. These are a few of the warning signs that Google may weigh in when determining if you have been writing for people or for search engines.

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