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PPC ads for someone else?

Why run ads that point to someone else’s website?

 “When you do something right people won’t know you did anything at all.”

I have always preached that the best plan in advertising online is to not look like it was your plan. You want to predict your target audience and then have a compelling argument for your service sitting and waiting where they will be. You want to always make your audience feel like buying was their idea.

So the second most common source or my conversions are referrals. One common referral I get is government websites and aggregator sites that compare prices of our company vs. the competition.

During February we had a special offer that put our product as the second lowest price available in one major market. Because of this people were doing their research and discovering this fact. We had become a great choice in the eyes of all unbiased information.

During this time one .gov website that compares prices in that market sent a total of 398 referrals in 30 days time or 13.3 per day on average and converting 2.3 of them. From these 398 referrals 89 completed the sales process for a conversion rate of a whopping 18.4%. There was also a very low 17.4% bounce rate from this source during that 30 day window.

Compare this to the next 90 days where our pricing was comparable to the other and we received 429 and converted 24 of them for a 4.77% conversion rate. That is only 4.8 visits per day and less than one conversion every 4 days.

Comparison sites not only send more when your value is good by giving you more prominent positioning but also wipe out doubt in the mind of the shopper. Remember the last time you were on the fence about a movie and then read a great review online? What happened next?

So with this information I have a plan now that our price offering is once again one of the best in this market. The math supports send people to someone else’s website.

I can convert 18% of 22% or I can keep converting 1.1% of 100%.

1000 visitors with 22% continuing through from this other person’s website to my website, and then converting at 18% from that point adds up to 39.6 sales.

1000 Visitors directly to my website at my historical average conversion rates for other traffic sources would be:

  • Organic 6.6 sales
  • PPC 5.5 sales
  • Social Media 10 sales

Now I understand the motivation is very different in what brings them to the website. You cannot force people and compare it to what they did in an unforced situation. It is not only where they start the sales funnel but also what motivated them to get there. I know you cant magically turn PPC traffic into referral traffic but this case provides such a compelling trust factor and the keywords being used are specific enough to make it work.

But the confidence of knowing they are getting a good deal as compared to being told they are getting a good deal is also a part of this success.

This is why I am running ads that go to someone else’s website.

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