Why I bought Butt Rub

No secret that my mind is constantly on advertising. If the commercial is a good one on the radio I prefer it over most of the music. Now, not every observation I make is meaningful, but the process of always viewing products, and life, with the knowledge tha it is being marketed changes a lot of how a person thinks.

Tomorrow was to be BBQ night at home and I am tasked to bring home some BarbQue seasoning to go on the pork in the slow cooker. Food Lion is out of the one I was asked (told) to get so now it’s off to choosing a new one. This is the rawest test of who did a good job marketing to me, the comparison shopper who will blindly choose one over the other.

Keep in mind that the grassroots appearance seldom means it is legitimately a local startup. The appearance of amateur is actually a very professional approach in marketing. When I goto eBay to buy a very cookie cutter item like say “a new canon lens”, I am not looking for the professional appearance in an ad. A standard template professional ad also comes with little chance of me getter any special bargain. I am dealing with pros who know the value of their item and have likely been consistently making a profit. Now, when I come across a “garage sale” looking ad I know I have a chance that the person just wants a fast sale or may not even know the value of their item. The chance for something special or one of a kind deal needs an ad that appears only done once.

Bad packaging

This is the one my eyes fixed on, and the one I intended to get. based on the fact that I made the decision to go with this one from the dozens of options we can see what it is I look for.

  • I like to buy local or grassroots brands.
  • I like spicy food

All that babble is why I the “homemade” grassroots product look is actually an effective way to make the mass produced look homemade. The problem with the product above is that my wife does not like hot food. If I bring home spicy, it will not go over well. So I read the can for more information and nowhere on there is there a reference to heat, spice or anything to sugest if this is a spicy product. The image hints at it but it is not stated.

Steve Krug says in his book on usability to make sure you clearly state the result of the next step you are asking a web visitor to take. The product failed to answer a common question of the shopper. They are asking me to buy this, and they are not giving me the information I need to do so. Sale lost.


Now here is the one I left with, a different approach. Butt Rub is clearly looking to sell the unique, capitalize on word of mouth down the road and also has the homemade approach down well in its’ packaging. This also had no mention of spiciness, but it also never raised that concern in my head because it didn’t use any imagery that made me worry about that.

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