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Well, this gravy train has lost a bit of flavor since Backpage went to charging and Craigslist went to the PVA account. But, that said, adult and dating sites are still where the money is for a savy and smart affiliate marketer.

The corporate world always chiming, “think outside the box!”, well there is no market more requiring this than affiliate marketing for dating sites.

We are currently down to maybe $100 a day on our main dating site, and a little bit from some others that continue to send residual traffic from the last 5 years. But if anyone wants advice on which sites to promote and which will never convert, I am your expert on this topic.

This is a brief warning about the army of internet sellers and the sexy models they use on social media as their weapon of choice in the changing adult and dating affiliate game.

If you are considering turning your social or free search traffic into dating affiliate income a few items of advice come through.
In affiliate marketing for dating or adult dating sites, realism sells. Sites of fake models bursting off the page is not going to do anything but scream spam at an already wary buyer.

Use of social media has made the realism side to selling the dating fantasy to affiliate buyers easier.
Sites like Facbeook and Twitter and the endless amount of automation tools available for each has made a social army of fake personas one way to sell.

Social sites have offered affiliate sellers an army of seemingly trustworthy sources of links that the one page splash sites and pop up banners never could. Trust is the key, since adult and dating sites consumers are nervous about the sites they visit by nature.

Goto facebook right now, search ‘bikinis’ and get a list of fan pages and major walls that may seem like target for the lonely fellow on facebook. This guy is your primary target and audience.

Sorry if that sounds sad but he is.

Scroll down some of those walls and look for the girl who is a solid 9 or 10 with the wall post of “add me”.
That person doesn’t exist.

Add me is the default setting in the most effective and largest Facebook posting automation tool online. I am not giving that tip away, but email me if you want to know which it is and get an honest review.

If they had an affiliate program with a link I could profit from, you know i’d put it here, but alas they don’t.

These are the sore-thumbs sticking out of the dating traffic from social media.
These posters are generally building up 500-5000 friends before they begin to use the account to post links, watermarked pictures of send messages through the Facebook messaging system.

Scan carefully on Facebook walls, the social media army of hot young girls selling you things is very real.
You have been warned.

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