Who is Your Display Ad For?

One of the greatest joys in my love of selling is developing display ads. I have learned from showing them to peers that I tend to be on the aggressive side with my calls to action or pitches, both with the imagery and the sentiment I am trying to stir. Sentiment I am targeting is based on who I expect as a customer and what I expect them to be motivated by when they see my ad for the first time.

My current widget I sell is household electricity and natural gas service for XOOM Energy. For me to acquire a customer I need to be speaking to the person most likely to convert. In order to convert they need to make a decision that affects their budget in their perception.

As I know, and PEW Research confirms here: Women make the household decisions in about 43% of homes, with a low 26% being the man in the family. The remainder is logged under joint decisions.

These number are not drastic enough to drive my campaigns but something to keep in mind as I have added a pitch with the cute but cranky child to catch their initial attention. Knowing who to expect, what they are likely to think when they arrive, and using imagery and calls to action that can be more directly to them are all considerations that lead to higher click through rates and conversions.

To increase the assurance that this will be the audience I am speaking to in my Google display ads I make sure to pick niches most likely to bring me the traffic I expect. Using Googles Affinity Segments to target my audience I can pick shopping, value shoppers, home and family, home décor, pop culture and lifestyle and other groupings that I feel would have a larger than average 25-45 year old female audience. I have now worked to isolate the people who make the decision on buying my widget, exposing myself to those people as much as possible and creating an ad that is prepared for those people to be the ones seeing it.

Now ask yourself:

Who is the easiest person to convert to for your widget?

What is the likely motivation of that specific person in needing your widget?

What is the best emotional angle to grab that person’s attention?

What else does that demographic like to do and search for?

Now be where they are, with the message that will resonate with them as if it is by coincidence.

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Todd Kron

of Sellaholics is a veteran of Analytics, PPC, Display, video, UX, conversion optimization, affiliate programs, web design and web programming since 2002. My background includes affiliate sales to 6 figures, director of a web design agency, and currently the digital manager for a leading energy company located in Huntersville, NC. From search to sale 1000 different ways is my background. Sellaholics is a Google Partner Agency.

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