Adcenter Won’t Import Adwords Campaigns?

So I got this stinker today

We ran into a problem submitting your Google sign in info. Check your sign in info and try again. If that doesn’t work, there may be a problem on Google’s side 

As per Bing support today there is a new known issue forcing you to have to approve access to your Google account from Bind Adcenter. THis is what Bing Adcenter is recommending currently while they work on this issue. The cause may be related to this notification I received in Adwords as follows?

Now you can connect an AdWords account to up to five MCCs.  Multiple linking allows multiple agencies, third parties, and clients to link to a single account. All MCC linking now allows UI and API access



Here is the fix process when you cant import adwords into bing due to this new error message: (sigh)

Advertisers seeing the ‘Invalid username or password’ error when attempting to import Google AdWords campaigns via the Bing Ads UI should follow the link ‘give this application access to your account – In Google Mail, there will be an alert that will allow the advertiser to give Bing Ads permission to access their data during import.

Joseph: So apparently, there was an update in AdWords recently that is causing the log-in into AdWords from Bing Ads to not work, because Bing Ads would now need permission to access and import data from AdWords, you see.

Now the problem is that this particular Adwords account did not use a Gmail when it was created, and I havn;t received the notification from Adwords that someone was trying to access it and to give Bing Permission.

So here I sit waiting for escalation to a supervisor.



If you try to import Adwords into Bing Adcenter and receive that error message when doing the adcenter import of you adwords campaigns:

1. Look for a notification perhaps triggered by the attempt

2. Know you’re not alone

3. The problem just started yesterday Morning April 11th, 2013

4. Pushing the ease of importing is Bing’s #1 selling point and they must be frantic to fix this

5. Logging in or out to Adwords during the process won’t help

6. Adding an attached Gmaila ccount with hopes of seeing a setting on the IMAP page will not help

7. Attaching a gmail to get a notification won’t happen



Call from Bing, he wanted to confirm that I didnt have a Gmail account associated to my Adwords account (a client’s). He was told by the next level up I must have one? In case you don;t know, you must have a Google account for Adwords, but not a Gmail. When I tried the link they sent as a fix I was prompted to create a Gmail since the “fix” they gave was for Email access issues.

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