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So if you are like me and in love with search you probably look at dozens of SERPS daily. If you have an SEO or know one, ask them to name 5-10 of the companies currently on page #1 for “charlotte SEO” with your city name in there. If they can’t they don’t love what they do or are wannabes.

Don’t take this wrong, this isn’t to say being first for something like that matters much. I spent years not wanting to be seen on the scene since affiliate sales are best checks accepted quietly. But even if you have no aspirations of finding clients or bragging through search results like that you still watch them.

If you are dedicated to the craft of SEO like myself then you spend weekend looking at SERPS to learn, watch or spy on the competition or the trends.

So one of the terms I Google regularly is “Charlotte Adwords Expert”.

My blog Sellaholics has been #1 or #2 for that since day one since it is a somewhat soft term.

When it isn’t me ranking first it’s David Kyle a local PPC expert who is rightfully #1 for this term.

I think he agrees he wants to be #1 since he apparently just changed the H1 tag on his website to say “adwords expert”. His website has said “Local Internet Marketing and Online Advertising”  ever since 2009.

This is fine, he is great at PPC and That’s fine and well.

Charlotte adwords expertThe next spot down that just makes my *SIGH* at all those experts at Google so pleased with every update.

Today after another Panda round I see I am 5th for this term and have been overtaken by this gem of “high quality engaging content” that Google tells us is what matters.

I may have to check my thesaurus but I don’t think “404 page not found” is synonymous with Adwords Expert?

And the G Cache is empty too on this one. Empty cache in Google and no content on the page or references to the keyword being searched. The Irony is that the keyword is one of their own industry terms and this 404 page has shot to the top in the latest update.

Stay Classy big G.

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of Sellaholics is a veteran of Analytics, PPC, Display, video, UX, conversion optimization, affiliate programs, web design and web programming since 2002. My background includes affiliate sales to 6 figures, director of a web design agency, and currently the digital manager for a leading energy company located in Huntersville, NC. From search to sale 1000 different ways is my background. Sellaholics is a Google Partner Agency.

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