What SEO Means when we say it.

  • Learn your key audience and speak in a language they will feel comfort with.
  • Learn the habits of your best converting customer when they utilize search. Keywords and questions they seek answers to.
  • Know the problem the customer feel they need to solve, how they view it and what values will make them choose you to solve it.
  • Design creative and write text that will trigger the feeling of resolution and make the website viewer into a website conversion.
  • Be focused in the design and language and keep an eye on the sale. Creative for the sake of creativity loses focus and sales.
  • Deep understanding of advertising in the traditional sense. Know what makes a good advertisement in any medium. Understand the use of less words, less images and more message by allowing your customers to think.
  • Have experience in simplicity and design. Understand the habits of website viewers and how to layout landing pages that will not leak away valuable traffic.
  • Understand proper UX and advise you on weaknesses in you website in an effort to help you sell more with the traffic you already have.
  • Design and redesign websites appropriate for your audience, needs and best converting traffic. Clean, minimal and to the point sites that generate conversions.
  • Have extensive knowledge of AB testing and which metrics best equal success.
  • Always pushing a client to test more and always looking to shave percentage points off your lost sales, bounces and abandoned carts.
  • Always reassess strategy, adjust to terms and audiences that convert best and apply your ad spend in the most efficient manner.

When you are searching for Charlotte SEO agencies, digital strategists or online marketing professionals. Don;t let them sell you half of the process for the full price.