Recent Digital Marketing Work

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portfolio_placeholder3Magento Web Design, PPC, Analytics, eCommerce

A $14,000 Monthly ad spend and 9000 products in the initial upload. Complete web planning and design in Magento built on existing framework. User optimization included one page checkout add on, on site search function upgrades due to huge catalog and cross selling features added on. Built custom 404 page to drive phone calls and promote discount and promotions for those who hit a dead search result. Lowered cost per click in PPC management over the first 3 months by 50%. Developed part number and brand name PPC campaigns that increased conversion and generated leads at 30% the cost of keyword terms.

portfolio_placeholder2Center City Partner, SEO, UX, Site structure and planning

One of the largest and most utilized local websites in the City of Charlotte. After a redesign it was time to create a folder structure and content plan that would drive up search traffic. Keyword research and planning targeting the most common “what to do” search for the City of Charlotte.

portfolio_placeholderSalsaritas Restaurants (71 Locations), SEO, Structure,, PPC campaign management

Faced with the daunting task of SEO for the 71 locations of Salsaritas national chains of restaurants a new structure that gave more content to search engines was employed. Local SEO strategy had to be implemented for 71 locations simultaneously and new content pages to target each local location needed to be planned and implemented.

profitbuilders-seo, Sales and Manager Coaching, SEO Project

A one of a kind SEO project and one of the finest examples of creative SEO we have ever put online. Profitbuilders is trainer to dozens of fortune 500 companies top management and demanded the best A solution that put Profitbuilders local in 250 different cities across America still has them ranking on page one for any city you search for their keywords or services. A true example of mind over local.

freezing-fat-designFreezing Body Fat, Landing page design, web design, SEO, Conversion tracking

A custom landing page to drive PPC and organic leads for the latest plastic surgery procedure. This slick and clean looking design featured video interviews in a shadowbox, a contact form and accordians for additional content on a single page.


XOOM Energy, Landing page design, PPC Management, Video Production, Analytics

Working in house for the largest independent energy supplier in America by footprint we took the brand digital with  social media strategy and campaigns, PPC management for dozens of markets and product offering in each state and video production of direct sales videos linking traffic through to the sales funnel.

latorre-seo-todd-kronLatorre Insurance Group, Web Design, WordPress, SEO

A brand new from scratch minimal and clean WordPress web design for Latorre insurance group of Charlotte. Great care was taken in planning and 301 redirecting old pages to a new and better site structure. The design was followed by SEO, content marketing and social media that put him on page one for “Charlotte insurance”.

social-media-todd-kronPBS Raggs TV Program, SEO, Social Media, Creative

A unique product getting to work with the very popular Raggs TV Show. Creative, Video marketing strategy, SEO and graphics for the brand. Included site design and structure for redesign.


Mercedes Benz of Cincinnati

A “page one with a bullet” SEO project in the ultra competitive automotive realm. More soon.

video-seo-charlotte-kleinRenaissance Plastic Surgery, SEO, Video Production, Social Media

An early video production project, SEO and website alterations to better incorporate content and inbound marketing. More soon.

portfolio_placeholder5Alaglas Pool, SEO, UX/UI, Structure and planning, Web Design

Modified and improved on the UX and planning for our agencies newly built website. SEO friendly pool detail pages, promotional banners and cross selling for one of the regions largest pool manufacturers. Web design by David Tillman.