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Sellaholics is the marketing blog of Veteran Charlotte SEO Todd Kron. I have worked in affiliate marketing, advanced analytics and ROI tracking, social media and blogging, web design, PHP web development and Adwords Campaign management. An experienced Charlotte SEO, PPC and marketing professional with real world agency experience and enough love for selling that I do this on weekends.

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  • Tips for eCommerce optimization

    Ecommerce Website UX Checklist

    Some basic consideration geared mainly toward the common entry pages for your ecommerce store. While some of…

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Google Partner Spotlight?

Cool, Google sent me a free cake, a thank you note and featured me on the Google…

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Sellaholics is the marketing blog of Veteran Charlotte SEO Todd Kron. I have worked in affiliate marketing, analytics, conversion tracking, social media, blogging, web design, Adwords management and PHP coding since 2002.

An experienced Charlotte SEO with enough love for online selling that I write all this just for fun.

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I Sell Stuff. To People.

Sellaholics is a Charlotte SEO company in the fullest sense. We are Google Adwords, Analytics and Bing certified professionals. Experienced in the full spectrum of digital advertising from concept and design to conversion.
The goal is the sale. Period.

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Affiliate Marketing

  • facebook-social-media-marketing

    Social media dating traffic

    Well, this gravy train has lost a bit of flavor since Backpage went to charging and Craigslist…

  • Worpress seo tag cloud

    Picking keywords and a domain

    This comes from some research I did this past week. I was reading geekonsteroids blog about affiliate…

  • IMG_20100914_124655

    Affiliate Marketing Expert

    So, you finally got your adsense account upto the $100 payout threshhold? Congratulations, I know that feeling….

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